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A denture is a removable set of prosthetic teeth attached to a gum-colored base designed to replace your missing teeth. The team of dentists at Horizon Dental in Miramar, Pembroke Pines, and Sunrise, Florida, can provide you with complete or partial dentures to enhance your smile and prevent future dental problems. To restore functionality and aesthetics to your smile using dentures, call the office or schedule your appointment online.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth attached to a gum-colored base. Your dentures replace your missing teeth and improve the aesthetics of your smile. They resemble the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth. 

What are the benefits of getting dentures? 

Dentures offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Restoring your self-confidence
  • Allowing you to chew and speak easier
  • Improving your facial appearance
  • Removable, so they’re easy to clean

By taking care of your dentures, they can last between 5-10 years before requiring a replacement.

What types of dentures do dentists offer?

The team at Horizon Dental offers two types of dentures, including:

Complete dentures 

Complete dentures are an excellent choice if you have no teeth on your upper or lower jaw. These prosthetic teeth attach to a gum-colored plastic base that sticks to your gums through the use of an adhesive or suction. 

There are two types of complete dentures. The first is an immediate denture, in which your dentist inserts immediately after removing your remaining unhealthy teeth.

The other is a final denture, which involves your dentist taking impressions of your gums typically 12-16 weeks after the removal of all your teeth. 

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are a great choice if you have some healthy teeth left and want to fill in the spaces created by your missing teeth. The reason you’d want to fill the gaps in your smile is that it prevents your other natural teeth from shifting.

What does getting dentures involve?

The process of getting dentures requires at least two appointments, usually over a few weeks. The first appointment involves a consultation with your dentist to make sure dentures are the best option for you. 

Once the consultation is complete, the Horizon Dental team takes impressions of your mouth and sends them to a high-tech laboratory to make your dentures. Your next appointment involves you trying on your custom dentures to make sure they fit properly.

After your second appointment, your dentist sends the dentures back to the laboratory to complete the final adjustments. Once your dentures are ready, you can come back to Horizon Dental for your final appointment where your dentist places your final dentures, making sure they fit comfortably. 

To restore functionality and aesthetics to your smile using dentures, call the team at Horizon Dental or schedule your appointment online.